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When is a good time to start shopping for a gown?

In a nut shell, 9+ months for a bridal gown, 6 months for maids, moms and guys. We say these times to help you avoid rush fees and help give time for alterations. We want to make your experience as stress free as possible.


Do I need an appointment?

We strongly recommend making an appointment. Every guest at Bianca Bridal Boutique receives our full attention. We will always honor and never rush appointments. If you happen to have some extra time and decide just to stop in, that’s ok as well. We will always be honest with you and in some cases, tell you that there is an appointment and it would be lovely if you could then make your own appointment so we can offer you the same great service.


I found a dress online that I love! Can you order it for me?

Yes! IF it is one of the designers that we carry! We can order any dress you like! If the dress you like is from a different designer, I can’t order that EXACT one but I can show you similar ones from the above designers since we are authorized retailers. Some bridal stores offer to order any gown for you from any designer. If a store isn’t listed as an authorized retailer, they are having another store in another state order your dress.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you really want to take that risk with the biggest day of your life so far? What if there are problems with the gown…the store you think your dress is coming from will have to contact another store who then contacts the designer? That’s like playing the telephone game. What can get lost in transmission between stores to the designer?


Do you discount your dresses?

Our listed price is a pre-set price which comes directly from our designers. We honor our agreements with them by selling our gowns at MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price). If another store offers you a ‘great deal’ by discounting the price then they are either in violation of agreement, raising their price beyond the MSRP so it seems like you’re receiving a discount or they are not an authorized retailer.


How much do I need to pay on my dress once I’ve found the one?

For us to place your order, whether it’s a bridal, bridesmaid or moms gown, we ask for at least 50% of the total cost as a down payment. Once a dress arrives directly from the designer, we will thoroughly inspect each and every gown to make sure it is nothing short of excellence, and then we will notify you immediately. The remaining balance of the gown is due within 14 days of receipt of the merchandise.


Do you accept returns?

No, nope, nein,…..sorry, but all sales are final. There are no returns, refunds, or exchanges. These are handpicked by YOU and made for YOU, and YOU are one of a kind.


Do you have in-store alterations?

No, we do not. However we do have a list of qualified alteration specialists that are more than willing to assist you. After you purchase your dress, we will discuss these options with you.