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Two piece or not Two piece?

By Mary, Feb 22 2017 11:26PM

If you haven’t noticed recent fashion trends, two piece ensembles are making a comeback into mainstream fashion. There are two piece pant suits, skirt ensembles, tank-top and shorts sets and many more combinations that have filtered off the runway and into our every-day wardrobes. But what about into the realm of bridal fashion, has this look the sophistication to compete with the myriad styles of tried and true wedding gowns? Yes, is the answer. A huge, resounding, YES!

The look of separates for your wedding gown can lend a look of distinction to your gown since you are designing your very own ensemble. You are selecting the pieces to create a gown that is truly and uniquely you. These separate bodices and skirts put bridal fashion into your creative hands.

Is an ornately beaded bodice with a slim, simple, skirt the gown of your dreams? You can create that look with ease. Do you want a change of attire from ceremony to reception? Perhaps a gown with a removable overskirt is the answer to your wedding wardrobe transformation.

So, where and how do you begin to decide if a two piece ensemble is right for you? Well, you have to try them on, of course! Bianca Bridal now carries a line of bridal separates. Please, give us a call to schedule an appointment. We are delighted to present these separates to you and are excited to see your creativity at work!

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