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Big box or Boutique?

By Mary, Jan 5 2017 08:14PM

Where should I shop?

So many brides ask that question! Maybe she was in another wedding, maybe she asked around or googled stores near me. Maybe she heard that big box stores are the best. Why would she think that and could it be true? I have always wondered that over the 25 years I have been in the bridal industry. The misconception of they must be less expensive, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Why you may ask because I have heard that from many brides who have come here looking for their dream dress. They thought because we have a boutique we were going to be out of their price point range…not true. Our price point is relatively the same somewhere between $700 and $2800.

On the flip side of big box, we offer our brides the best in customer service, you will be waited on by 1 expert fashion stylist and that stylist will be with you the entire visit. We will not be running to help numerous other brides, sticking you in a room and leaving you to fend for yourself. We actually help you determine your best look, help you with how the entire process works from entering the boutique to the purchase, pick up and alterations. We are here to answer your questions, calm your fears and be there for any assistance you may need.

We carry name brand designers that are hand-picked by Mary and many are exclusive to our boutique. These gowns are of the best quality from the materials to lace, beading etc. We do not want you to look like a cookie cutter bride; you are unique individual and deserve the best for the most important day (besides children) of your life. You are the star of the event and we want you to have the dress of your dreams, the look you always dreamed of. Remember this is your day; this is the start of your new adventure with a person you love for the rest of your lives. Make it special, make it memorable and make it with Bianca Bridal Boutique. As we say bridal memories begin and end at Bianca Bridal.

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