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By Mary, Feb 22 2017 11:26PM

If you haven’t noticed recent fashion trends, two piece ensembles are making a comeback into mainstream fashion. There are two piece pant suits, skirt ensembles, tank-top and shorts sets and many more combinations that have filtered off the runway and into our every-day wardrobes. But what about into the realm of bridal fashion, has this look the sophistication to compete with the myriad styles of tried and true wedding gowns? Yes, is the answer. A huge, resounding, YES!

The look of separates for your wedding gown can lend a look of distinction to your gown since you are designing your very own ensemble. You are selecting the pieces to create a gown that is truly and uniquely you. These separate bodices and skirts put bridal fashion into your creative hands.

Is an ornately beaded bodice with a slim, simple, skirt the gown of your dreams? You can create that look with ease. Do you want a change of attire from ceremony to reception? Perhaps a gown with a removable overskirt is the answer to your wedding wardrobe transformation.

So, where and how do you begin to decide if a two piece ensemble is right for you? Well, you have to try them on, of course! Bianca Bridal now carries a line of bridal separates. Please, give us a call to schedule an appointment. We are delighted to present these separates to you and are excited to see your creativity at work!

By Mary, Jan 17 2017 09:45PM

Shopping for a wedding gown is a special, exciting, and important part of making your wedding dreams come true. There are always things to consider when making any prominent purchase and selecting a wedding gown is no different. Questions arise, especially in the selection of bridal attire, which you may not know the answer to. We hope to answer a few of those for you ahead of time. (Please feel free to ask us if there is something we have missed!)

What should I bring to my appointment? Do I need to bring anything at all?

This is question that has many answers!

• From a practical standpoint you may want to bring or wear undergarments similar to those you may wear on your wedding day: strapless bra, appropriate underwear, shoes comparable to those you want to wear.

• Bring your Pinterest images, magazine pages, childhood sketches, Great-Grandma’s lace veil, and anything else that will shape your vision of beauty into reality.

• Bring three or four people whose opinions are important to you. These should be the people in your life who can respectfully offer their comments and still support your decision.

• Perhaps, most crucial to the experience, is to bring an open mind! You may fall in love with the dress you had imagined all along. But then, you may not! Don’t be afraid to try something new. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Am I allowed to bring in treats or beverages to celebrate the occasion?

• Unfortunately, we do not allow food or beverages in our boutique. Water is the only beverage allowed.

How many people may I bring to my appointment?

• Please bring three or four adults to your appointment. Our store is not set up to entertain children for the duration of an appointment.

How long is an appointment?

• Please allow for an hour and a half for your appointment.

How many dresses will be I able to try during my appointment?

• You will be able to try up to 10 dresses.

What is the timeline needed to order a wedding gown? Bridesmaids dresses? Tuxedos?

• It is highly recommended that your wedding gown be ordered eight to ten months before you need it.

• Bridesmaid’s dresses should be ordered six to eight months before you need them.

• Tuxedo orders should be placed two to three months before you need them.

These timelines allow time for manufacture, inspection in our store upon arrival, and alterations.

What do I need to do when I find “the” gown?

• Say, “YES!” and stop shopping. It’s ok to find your dress the first time you look! 

• Your consultant will take your measurements and compare them with the designer’s size chart. Appropriate sizing will be discussed with you and a decision made on the size of the gown.

• Payment in full is expected at time of ordering. No orders will be placed unless payment has been made.

What can I expect to happen during my appointment?

• Your consultant will introduce herself and take a few moments to meet you, your friends and family. You will then be asked about your vision of your dress and wedding. Budget will also be discussed at this time. After this happens, you and your consultant will begin to select the dresses you would like to try. Your consultant will help you into and out of each dress, answer questions you may have, assist in matching accessories to your favorite dress, and ultimately, help you select the gown of your dreams.

What are my options for alterations to my gown?

• We have a list of qualified alterations specialists in Southeast Wisconsin that we can share upon request.

By Mary, Jan 5 2017 08:14PM

Where should I shop?

So many brides ask that question! Maybe she was in another wedding, maybe she asked around or googled stores near me. Maybe she heard that big box stores are the best. Why would she think that and could it be true? I have always wondered that over the 25 years I have been in the bridal industry. The misconception of they must be less expensive, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Why you may ask because I have heard that from many brides who have come here looking for their dream dress. They thought because we have a boutique we were going to be out of their price point range…not true. Our price point is relatively the same somewhere between $700 and $2800.

On the flip side of big box, we offer our brides the best in customer service, you will be waited on by 1 expert fashion stylist and that stylist will be with you the entire visit. We will not be running to help numerous other brides, sticking you in a room and leaving you to fend for yourself. We actually help you determine your best look, help you with how the entire process works from entering the boutique to the purchase, pick up and alterations. We are here to answer your questions, calm your fears and be there for any assistance you may need.

We carry name brand designers that are hand-picked by Mary and many are exclusive to our boutique. These gowns are of the best quality from the materials to lace, beading etc. We do not want you to look like a cookie cutter bride; you are unique individual and deserve the best for the most important day (besides children) of your life. You are the star of the event and we want you to have the dress of your dreams, the look you always dreamed of. Remember this is your day; this is the start of your new adventure with a person you love for the rest of your lives. Make it special, make it memorable and make it with Bianca Bridal Boutique. As we say bridal memories begin and end at Bianca Bridal.

By Mary, May 4 2016 10:22PM

You are engaged! Are you ready to shop for your gown at a one of a kind Bridal Boutique? Here are some tips for you to consider.

Always make an appointment either by calling the salon or by email and of course receive a confirming from the salon you choose. If you can not make your appointment on the day you are scheduled please be courteous and call the salon to cancel. We hold the time slot open just for you. Please do not make the mistake of trying to go to 3-4 stores in one day; you will become overwhelmed and confused. Try one day and do not go to more than a total of 3 stores.

Bring along photographs, i-pad or phone etc. so we know what your vision is and what dresses you may be interested in trying on. Make sure you have your gown budget in mind before your appointment. Not only for the gown but for all the accessories and alterations as well. Beware of salons claiming they do free alterations, nothing is free and the price is more than likely hidden in some other price. Alterations are not included. Bridal alterations are an art and not like I can sew a hem. Alterations are intricate and difficult to an untrained person.

It's fine to want to try on the same designer that your sister/friend had but remember all designers have fantastic gowns and sometimes you could find a similar gown and be ecstatic over finding the one. This goes for Bridal shops as well. Just because your sister/friend got their dress at a well known store do not forget to shop at the boutiques as we have one of a kind and great designers as well.

Make sure you familiarize yourself with fabrics, laces, beading etc. The more intricate the wedding gown the more it will cost. If this is your first day keep your mind open to new ideas from the fashion consultant you are working with. We know our dresses very well and might just surprise you!

Remember to bring along just a few (3-4) people with you and make sure they have your best interest and vision in mind. Too many people will just cause confusion and too many opinions are not what you need at your appointment. Remember this is your day and your vision not everyone elses. Please leave children at home that day as your appointment is all about you not them.

When you find your dream dress stop looking, it's OK! If you are emotional or if you do not want to take the dress off these are the signs you have found the gown! If you keep looking you will only get more confused, there will be nothing better or more beautiful than the gown you just purchased.

Finally, shop for your gown when you are ready to make your purchase. That is why you made your appointment! It is OK to make up your mind on purchasing the first day, you can only have the first experience one time. After you purchase you can get on with all the other things you have to accomplish like maids gowns, tuxedo's, mother of the day gowns, flowers etc.

We are here to help you, call for your appointment 262-251-6477

By Mary, Oct 24 2015 08:08PM

Hello all! We have been busy here getting ready for our upcoming Sample Sale in honor of our Veterans. Here are some details on what to look forward to!

***ALL sales will include a donation to the Wounded Warrior Project*****

-We will be offering up to 50% off select bridal gowns bought off the rack. (Check out our social media pages to see some of the gowns that we will be including!)

-Want to reorder a gown? We will offer 20% off all reorderable gowns IF you dontate $20 in additon to our donation.

-Off the rack Mother of the Day gowns will be up to 50% off.

-November 10th-14th

Make your appoinment today!

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